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Maine Lobstering Union

Local 207

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About Us

Local 207

Our local started in 2013, after the lobster market crashed in 2012.


The Maine Lobstering Union was formed to give fishermen a unified voice at the state and federal level- a voice of just fishermen. So we could unite and fight for our rights. We also wanted to provide an opportunity for our fishermen to capitalize on the profits of owning their own Co-op.  Maine fishermen control the product from the ocean floor to your door. Our members own Lobster 207

We have a GREAT team working for us at "Lobster 207" if you need to ship lobsters look no further! Fresh & Live Maine Lobster: Sustainably Caught & Shipped Directly from Lobstermen of Local 207.


You DO NOT have to sell your catch to Lobster 207 to be a member of Local 207.

Join - Local 207

Active Fishing

If you are fishing- you are "Active".

Dues for one month of "Active Fishing" is $70.00, If you are a STERNMAN your active dues are $40.00

 You can sign up for monthly auto pay or choose one-time purchase of as many months as you wish.

If you participate in the dividend program or any poundage based programs with Lobster 207 your dues must be paid for the month to participate.

 Non-Active Fishing

If you are out of work for the month due to repairs or injury you are "Non-Active".


Some fishermen/sternmen don't fish certain winter months- Dues for Non-Active fishing for a month are $2.00 

If you participate in the dividend program or any poundage based programs with Lobster 207 you must be "Active" if you have poundage to add that month.

Pay by Mail

You can sign-up or pay your dues by mail.

Simply "Click" the "Membership Payments" at the top of the page, scroll to the bottom, and print your

Members Information and Dues Sheet  

Fill them out and mail to:

Maine Lobstering Union

150 Bar Harbor Rd

Trenton, ME 04605

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