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  • Who can join Local 207?
    Licensed Maine Lobstermen and their Sternmen. You do not have to sell your catch to Lobster 207 to be a member of The Maine Lobstering Union.
  • Will I ever be asked to tie up and not fish?
    NO! The Maine Lobstering Union will not tell you when you can and can not fish! You are your own boss and joining Local 207 does not change that. This is one of the most asked questions.
  • Am I still Self Employed?
    YES, being a member of Local 207 and the IAMAW does not change your employment status. You can still do business as you always have, but now you have the support and resources of all 600,000 members of the IAMAW with you.
  • What will the Local 207 do for me?
    Local 207 is a Union group backed by a National organization that supports all the efforts of our local. The local gives you a unified voice when speaking on political topics impacting our fishery everyday. The more involved you are in Local 207, the more you get out of it.
  • What is the difference between Local 207 and Lobster 207?
    Local 207 is our Union. Lobster 207 is our Union Co-op owned by all members. You are not required to sell to Lobster 207 if you are a member. Profits of Lobster 207 are split into dividends which are paid based on the poundage each member sold. Profits generated from Fair Trade Certified products are distributed to ALL members of Local 207 per Fair Trade bylaws and Executive board approval.
  • Can my son or daughter join with a Maine Student Lobster License?
    You must be 18 years old to join the IAMAW. We are currently trying to find a way for students to join Local 207; we believe they are the future of our industry. Local 207 welcomes all students to our events and meetings regardless of membership until we can figure this out.
  • What is the IAMAW?
    International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers- Trade union- We have over 600,000 active and retired workers, makeing in one of the largest labor union in North America. The IAM was founded May 5, 1888. IAM members demand respect and dignity in the workplace. We represent roughly 340,000 dues-paying members in the US and Canada in a broad variety of industries, including LOBSTERING, shipbuilding, airlines, and manufacturing. Visit:
  • How can I order lobster from a union member?
    Visit our website
  • Contact Information
    Maine Lobstering Union-Local 207 211 Bar Harbor Rd., Unit 2 Trenton, ME 04605 207-240-0556 Lobster 207 211 Bar Harbor Rd., Unit 2 Trenton, ME 04605 207-667-4720
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