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Coastal Storm Damage, what do we Do?

If you live anywhere on the coast of Maine, you experienced some of the highest tides and storm surges we have seen. The lobster infrastructure received a huge blow- ripping docks apart, fishing vessels & skiffs ended up on land and some lost their entire buying stations to the sea. Erosion damages in the stabilization of docks, ramps, and even roads. How do we start to dig ourselves out of this mess? It will be a tedious project that must start with a Maine Emergency Management Agency filing. As many insurance companies are stating "An Act of God" to decline claims, we must be vigilant in our fight to keep our working waterfront. Please be aware that the completion of the form on MEMA does not mean you will qualify for funding, what it does do is get information to the federal agencies with a list of what needs to be fixed so they can start the financial side of this.

Maine Working Waterfront Financial and Technical Financial Resources

MEMA deadline is TODAY- however, they will accept late applications, so don't delay!

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