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Gulf of Maine Wind Energy Area

BOEM is seeking comments on the SECONDARY AREAS- Please take a moment to comment on how destructive it would be for the Maine Lobstermen to lose these areas of harvest. BOEM is also conducting another round of both in-person and Zoom meetings. The link below will provide you with meeting times and locations. Our group will be meeting in Stonington and Trenton with BOEM on November 7th. If you are a lobsterman and wish to attend, please contact Ginny: or 207-240-0556.

For BOEM information, please click HERE.

Local 207 statement on BOEM's announcement:

"This is how the process is supposed to work. The federal government listened to the concerns of our fishing communities and now they are sending a strong signal that an offshore wind industry that fundamentally harms the hardworking Mainers making their living on the water is neither in line with Maine's values nor welcome in the Gulf of Maine." Virginia Olsen- Maine Lobstering Union-Local 207.

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