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Help! We need your support to get our working waterfront operational!

The Governor's bill for reimbursement funding for our coastal communities is being heard the week of March 4th. We need all those interested in building our working waterfront back to reach out to the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee, your Representatives, and Senators. We have attached LD 2225, talking points, email addresses for appropriations, and the House and Senate. This funding is so important to get our fisheries up and going for the spring of 2024. With the rising costs of equipment, bait, and fuel in recent years which leaves little profit in the industry, we can't afford additional loans and the loss of equity in our coastal businesses, nor can we expect these businesses to use their credit line intended for the purchasing of product for repairs. If this happens they will not have funding to buy our catch this sprint. PLEASE take a moment to send a few emails to the Appropriations Committee, your representatives and share the information broadly so our grassroots campaign will be successful. Don't delay, send a few emails today!

Legislative contacts
Download XLSX • 33KB

LD 2225 Talking points
Download DOCX • 29KB

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