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LMA1 Restricted Area-Maine Lobster Fishing Limits Reinstated to Protect Right Whales

In a statement from Dave Sullivan, Machinist Union (IAM) Eastern Territory Chief of Staff:

"The working people of Maine are up against a concerted campaign to destroy their livelihoods. The big-money funders of this ill-advised effort are basing their case on faulty and incomplete science that hasn't even identified a single right whale sighting or trigger point that would warrant this type of drastic action."

"The Bottom line is that this misguided ruling is going to make it even harder for Maine lobstering communities to sustain themselves. The Maine Lobstering Union will vigorously fight this ruling and continue to have the backs of very family that relies on the freedom to fish in Maine's coastal waters."

Here is the update from DMR on the closure:

The United States Court of Appeals, For the First Circuit

First Circuit Opinion in lobster closure
Download PDF • 156KB

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