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Stonington Lobster Rally

Fishermen and community alike gathered on Stonington's commercial fishing pier to fundraise and Support Lobstermen. Fishermen, politicians, community members and Stonington's town manager Kathleen Billings all spoke of the importance of lobster to our culture, our families, and our communities. It was a chance to educate the public on fishing practices that have been protecting right whales for decades and new changes implemented in the last 2 years. The fact remains that right whales are just not in the footprint of the Maine lobster industry in the Gulf of Maine. Due to climate change they are further from Maine lobster grounds then they ever have been. It is because of this fact the MLU has reached out to President Biden asking that he issue an Executive Order to investigate the right whale habitat and food source in the Gulf of Maine. (See letter below)

White House Submission IAMAW- MLU (1) ACF (1) (4)
Download DOCX • 68KB

Congressman Jared Golden also submitted a letter to President Biden

221005 LTR to POTUS (Lobstermen Plight) (1)
Download PDF • 318KB

Local 207 has called on our federal delegation to work bipartisan with Ne

w England states to make much needed changes to the ESA and MMPA. The economic impacts must be accounted for. The fishermen's life and safety must be considered. And above all- no industry should be forced to prove their innocence because they have been judged, convicted, and sentenced without a single bit of proof. This is the USA and we are innocent until proved guilty, except if you're a fisherman. If you would like to contribute to the lobster litigation fundraising efforts, please send check or money order to: Sustainable Maine FF, 150 Bar Harbor Rd., Trenton, ME 04605 or visit us on Venmo.

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