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As the lobster industry is busy preparing gear with new modifications for Right Whale compliance; they are handed yet another blow. One of the very few acceptable weak links NOAA has approved to break at or below 1700# has just been recalled. At this time, they are are not 100% sure what caused the malfunction. The company has requested all fishermen that have purchased the weak links to return them to the fishing supply store you purchased them from. They are busy running new samples and testing them now. It was going to be difficult to supply the industry before the recall, we have don't have an idea of what this will set the industry back in terms of time. It seems it is more important now than ever that NOAA approve the knots Maine Department of Marine Resources has tested and submitted for approval in federal waters. Currently these knots are only approved for Maine state waters (see diagram). Contact Maine DMR if you are having issues obtaining supplies or questions about RW compliance. 207-624-6550

Knots below are currently approved for Maine State Waters ONLY

Contact DMR or your local Marine Patrol with any RW compliance or supply questions.

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