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Legal Fund- Time to Unite Fishermen

#StandingUpForLobstermen It's time to Unite all Maine fisherman; to stand up for our fishery! We need to stand together if we intend to survive...

We created Sustainable Maine FF to raise funding needed to fight these unjust closures and regulations. We have 10 years before lobstering is a 98% rope free industry. Maine's heritage fishery deserves better. Mainer's deserve better!

As fishermen we need to join together and fight for our industry!

  • To protect the rights of fishermen and our heritage through Advocacy, Education, Data, and Legal Services.

  • To preserve our coastal communities keeping them vital for generations yet to come.

  • To safeguard our industry for the next generation; passing down traditions that have kept Maine the largest producer of sustainable Lobster in the world.

Click the link below to visit the Sustainable Maine Fishing Foundation website and donate today!

If you are a LICENSED LOBSTERMEN or STERNMAN looking to be involved or make a difference but not sure what to do? Join Local 207 TODAY! Don't hesitate, it's never been a better time to sign up and become a member than when we are fighting for the very existence of our fishery. We need YOUR help! You don't have to be a public speaker, or sell to Lobster 207 to be a member of Local 207

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